Snow on the Easter Bunny

Spring, symbolizing new life and rebirth; eggs are a symbol of fertility and represent Jesus' resurrection.  The Easter rabbit,  in the 1600's, laid eggs and hid them in the garden.   Making nests for the rabbit to lay the eggs followed, and eventually nests because decorated baskets, filled with colorful eggs and other sweet treats. 

This past weekend a touch of Spring arrived, giving us temperatures in the upper 60's.  And with that my mood was into all things Easter.  I pruned the roses, cleaned up some of the gardens, took a long walk, and worked on a painting project outside...yah!  I also picked some branches for an inside Spring arrangement, hoping to force some early blooms in the house.  Do you do that?  It's fun!  I picked forsythia, ornamental cherry, peach, red bud and dogwood branches and brought out a bunny to create a sweet vignette.  


sleet, snow, ice, thunder lightning and rain

 The rabbit that I put on the front porch, replacing the Christmas sled, is getting snowed on, along with the sweet pansies I planted in his hat.  Pansies don't seem to mind a Spring snow fall.  They'll revive. :)  

I've also been adding some wonderful vintage spring and Easter items to my on-line shop, The Vintage Nest.  Most of my items are one price....shipping included, and the "new" for the season items are selling quickly.   Here are some of my favorites.

 Isn't this pretty and so elegant....a cream egg with applied roses on a gold pedestal base

 How sweet is this?   A hand made rabbit in the cutest vintage fabric.  The maker added embroidered eyes and whiskers and there's a cute tattered bow around his neck

 Pretty vintage painting of Spring tulips and other flowers.....a charming piece to include in a Spring vignette

 I have a thing for vintage party goods.  Love these bunny cupcake picks or toppers

 Laughing Daffodils.....don't you love that?  The title of this water color of happy daffodils.  The artist was very good.

 An Easter bonnet in our favorite pinks....so charming for display.  I have even used them as lampshades.  Adorable is a little girl's room

The cutest Easter gift tags you'll ever see.....by moi

A beautiful vintage hand painted tulip motto ......the reason for the season
Even though I'm snowbound today the promise of Spring and new beginnings are near....migration of the birds, emergence of the animals, the green tips of the first daffodils,  the tease of warmer temperatures....SOON

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Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Lynn,
Poor bunny and pansies they look sad with all the snow! Our weather is just as cold and crazy. So over this winter but I think we have awhile to go before we see any warm temps or flowers.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hate that it snowed on your bunny, Lynn, but this is a seriously cute post. I loved all the cute spring things. Made me smile.

Hope the snow and cold are gone bye-bye!



Mary Anne Komar said...

It has been wild here as well, same scenario, one day warm, doors open, and the next sleet! Don't dare prune the hydrangeas, the little birds use it for cover, and only able to rake the yard! Patience is a virtue, but please hurry up Miss Spring!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Lynn, The forsythia have been blooming here for several weeks and we have only had a few days when the air conditioner was not running. Sorry about your poor plants and bunny. You'll be planting Spring flowers soon.

Alycia Nichols said...

This weather has been just scandalous this season!!! What on earth?!??!! I'm glad your pansies will make a full recovery. Hearty little suckers! I'm also glad you brought in some branches to force. That will help to make you feel more Spring-like even if there's snow on Mr. Bunny's head outdoors!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

The same weather here Lynn...except we are having sheet. I was wearing shorts just a couple of days ago.
LOL... Any who I adore all your d├ęcor. The big egg and bunny covered in snow are my favorite though. That egg is gorgeous. You have such wonderful taste.
Marie Antoinette

Gayla said...

I am feasting my eyes and my spirit on your touches of spring! I keep saying...only sixteen more days!

Olive said...

Our forsythia is blooming and I should go cut some but really am tuckered out. I love that last print. I have Easter on my mind and have loaded our booth with Easter items. xo, olive

My Crafty Little Page said...

Wow you have been productive, Lynn! I used to force forsythia when we lived in Ohio. Love the looks of it. I'm trying very hard not to buy those big ear cupcake picks. I also have a thing for vintage party things! xo Nancy

Shabbyprimdelights said...

I hope your Spring finally arrives. HPS Michelle

LV said...

I am definitely ready for warmer days. However, not sure mother nature is through with the cold stuff just yet.

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

This is our first winter in the South and our first experience with thundersnow, thundersleet and other strange thunderous winter phenomenon! :) Hope you're beginning to thaw out a bit!


Anonymous said...

I thought your rabbit on PS was Dana/Stone Rabbit's rabbit. Hey! It's not! Happy Pink Saturday!

Mom has always waited til after mid-March before taking her plants out of winter storage. I got brave and took mine out a week or so ago. Unfortunately, we had two days of biting bitter cold winds and temps. A few plants bit the dust. :( Each cold snap they promise it's the last. Oh well, I was early in getting things out. Too much spring fever I guess.

Enjoyed your post. Thanks, Jenn
"Hop" on over and say hey.

Sandi McBride said...

It is just like that here, Lynn, it's rain, it's snow, it's hot it's cold. I have never seen anything like this winter! I hear there is a contract out Pauxsutawny Phil=I love the pretty Easter set ups..leave it to you! The laughing Daffodils is my favorite!!! Did I tell you we will be having a new Grand son sometime in August? So excited!

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