Precious Moments

     With the long awaited visit from my grand-children here,  for a few weeks my life as a picker, antiquer, collector, hunter, painter, creator, and accidental artist is on hold.   Making primitive birdhouses, painting rocks, or designing jewelry from tiny wooden blocks will surely be saved over anything with a bar code on it.

     Stools turned askew, bunched up rugs, glass doors with little hand prints on them,  and tiny dolls in the birdbath, do not fit into the scheme of a magazine worthy photographed home but say that this home is a playground of fun.  Running for lightening bugs in the late evening, picking blackberries, and discovering a turtle under the hosta leaves  is the only partying I need.  

    Though original art hangs on the wall and expensive objects grace the shelves, the refrigerator art and found heart shaped rocks are more priceless than artifacts in a museum.   The delight of  finding a freshly laid egg or a beautiful red tomato puts a grin on their little faces and a sparkle in my eye.   Formal dinnerware is used regardless of the fact that we serve chicken nuggets over chicken cordon bleu. A trip to the farmer's market or ice cream store trumps the mall any time.  Breakfast on the deck, lunch by the pool, supper on the porch.....sweeter than a five star resort.............. Sweet summer and grand-children visits

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Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet grandmother friend. Ah, I know how you savor every sweet moment of this time. Making everlasting memories which will be held close in their hearts.♥

Betsy Brock said...

How wonderful! Enjoy every moment!

Anonymous said...

That's such a beautiful, peaceful picture!!! Enjoy your precious moments . L, Dana

Happy pink Saturday !!!

Kathleen said...

How true! The other things help fill the void when they leave. Your giving them such wonderful memories.

Junkchiccottage said...

Enjoy enjoy!!!! What a fun time.

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Sounds like you're enjoying every moment! Memories are being made, Love that!

bj said...

That must be the reason God made grandmothers...to have fun with the grands. I am with 2 of ours right now...we're on Day 5 now and 3 more to go. Grandgirls are 16 and 12 and we have sooo much fun. A few crafts with more after a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow...movies and out to eat.
Have fun with yours...

Ann said...

Our granddaughters spend a lot of time with us and I feel joyful each time I see something they have left for us to find. Your picture is priceless.

All About Vignettes said...

Memories are the best part of spending time with your grandchildren---memories for gma and the granddaughters. I love that photo on the dock. It deserves a frame.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

What a lovely way to spend your summer Lynn.
Enjoy these special moments.

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