Eljer Toilet Review

Eljer is a brand that provides durable and famous toilets and has been in the industry for decades. Its products are known for their comfort and affordability, with such a unit being the Eljer 131-0777-00 Titan Elongated Toilet. 

Eljer Toilet Elongated Technical Specifications 

  • Brand: Eljer 
  • Product number: 131-0777-00
  • Shape: Elongated 
  • Product weight: 52 pounds 

Eljer 131-0777-00 In-Depth Review

This toilet by Eljer comes with a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. You do not waste effort, time, and money when keeping this unit clean. 

Elongated Bowl for Comfort 

The product comes with an elongated bowl that adds comfort to the user and leaves enough space for placing legs. What you need to realize is the design comes with most modern toilets.

Universal Height for All Users 

One thing to note is you get a product with a bowl height of 16-1/8-inch, which is ideal for elders. It is the only toilet you would need to install at home, and all the people will use it comfortably. 

Efficient and Saves on Water Bill

The product is water-efficient as it only uses 1.6 gallons every time you flush. That can mean you save on water leading to more affordable water bills than using other types of toilets. 

And you get the powerful flush you have always wanted to get rid of all waste at once. 

Toilet Made of Durable Material 

You can also bet the system lasts for years due to its quality construction and the material used. The material also adds elegance to your washroom and makes it more attractive. 

Easy to Clean the Surface 

In terms of cleaning, the white finish allows you to clean it without using much energy. The best thing is the surface helps to prevent microbe, stain, and bacteria buildup.

Extended Footprint for Remodeling 

The system comes with an extended footprint that makes it the perfect unit for remodeling a bathroom. That design is further complemented by a side-mounted lever that makes it easy to flush the waste.

It is, therefore, more comfortable to use this toilet compared to other units on the market today. 

Effective Cleaning 

Although the flushing system uses less water, you still enjoy the clean bowl you have always wanted. That is possible due to the ProOne flushing system that is found exclusively in this model. 

3-Inch Flush Valve 

This flushing system boasts a 3-inch flush valve that guarantees the effective flow of the material. What such a valve does is to increase the water velocity to ensure every flush is powerful and effective. 

Besides, the bowl has a dual water-jet feed construct that makes the system more effective when you flush.

Factory Tested Flushing System 

The one feature that makes people choose this model is the tested flushing system that resists chlorine. You can clean your toilet with all cleaning detergent without worrying about anything. 

Easy to Install 

Installing the toilet is easy since it weighs around 52 pounds. The 16-1/8 rough-in also makes it easier to connect to existing plumbing lines.  

It is a system that does not require you to seek professional help when fixing it in your bathroom. 

131-0777-00 Titan Elongated Toilet Pros and Cons 


  • Durable vitreous china materialĀ 
  • Chlorine-resistant flush valveĀ 
  • The toilet meets ADA compliantĀ 
  • Easy to clean the toilet due to the fully-glazed finish, includes slow close seat


  • It is easy for the surface to get some stains 

The Bottom Line 

Eljer Toilet can provide you with the top-quality service you desire and upgrade your bathroom to look modern. The package includes all parts and hardware you need to install it without a hassle. 

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