Hi!  My name is Lynn and I have had a selling online presence since 1999 as well as a brick and mortar shop selling antiques and true vintage. Currently, I have an online selling shop, The Vintage Nest, …The original Vintage Nest and space at a fabulous warehouse called Feathernesters.com in Richmond, Va.   I mostly specialize in the current home trends for decorating as well as some sweet indulgence, hand crafted artisanal goods, made with love and care in my studio. I absolutely love the hunt! From the tiniest found bird nest to a fabulous French swan chair, I treasure my finds and love to share with you. I hit estate sales, antique shops, flea markets, auctions, little out of the way junk sheds, community fairs…you name it. I have even been known to climb through strange attics (with no floor boards)!  Or just stopping at an old country home and asking if they want to sell something I spot in their yard.  Most of the time….guess what?….they say yes. I antique my way from the fabulous beaches to the glorious mountains of old Virginia. The thrill of finding that special treasure just can’t be beat.

 When I am not traveling the by-ways, I am working on my website, or concocting something wonderful for you in my little studio.  I live on what we fondly refer to as a farmette, too much land to cut with a push lawn mower 🙂 and too many chores to count. Situated on a lake in the country and surrounded by fields, pastures and woods. Please don’t be shy.  I love to hear from my readers and love to visit you too. 

My biggest fan and supporter of all that I do …. xoxo

I also have two grown sons who I am proud to call their Momma and miss every day, three young grand-daughters and a grand-son.  I adore animals and each year give a percentage of my on-line sales to  our local lost animal’s welfare and care facilities.  We have a golden retriever, who we lovingly call Ben because he is so gentle, a menagerie of free range pet hens and numerous critters that visit.  My bliss is the beach…particularly the Outer Banks.  When I am not on the road hunting and gathering, I spend every hour I can in my happy place….my studio.~~~~~~~~~~~~~A rendition of me by my grand-daugher 🙂